Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yo yo yo...

I haven't really decided on what I want to write about for today's blog, so I am just going to type some stream of consciousness random type crap and see where that take me. Hopefully it won't bore the bejeezus out of those courageous enough to actually read it.

Okay, so here goes...

I went to my TV SPEC WRITING class last night and as a group we discussed one of my 7 Grey's Anatomy storylines. I was surpised by the nature of some of the questions and criticisms, but overall the event was constructive. I could probably include a more venomous account of what transpired, but being that this is the world wide web, I figure it might not be advisable to rant and rave about people that I am going to have to see for the next few Tuesdays. Better safe than sorry, right? I will say that I got a few REALLLLLLY GOOOOOOOD suggestions about the story and I am thankful for that. You just have to wade through some of the ridiculousness inherent in having 20 people with differing opinions judge your shit simultaneously. Yeah there was some contradiction and misunderstanding, but I also got rightly raked over the coals for not really paying much attention to the medicine side of my story. Honestly in Grey's the medicine is secondary to the emotional story so I've pretty much just been winging it. Of course they are right and I do need to work out the logistics of the medicine eventually. Basically it was a productive experience and will make my story better.

Okay, now that's got me thinking about the nature of blogging and specifically the concept of revealing intimate thoughts in a forum that is accessible WORLD WIDE. Clearly people blog because they want other people to read it... otherwise what's the point of blogging, right? You might as well open a word file on you desktop and write in there, then save and close it so no one ever sees it.

So my question is this... why would you ever blog about something that you don't want anyone to find out about?

I know this seems like an stupid question with an obvious answer, but I know for a fact that people have been burned by blogging about things they shouldn't. People also get in trouble for talking shit about others in their blog. So why do it?! Is blogging merely a passive aggresive forum to talk shit about people in the hopes that it gets back to them? Just a thought to ponder...

Personally I am thankful that I am old enough and wise enough to know better. But I can't say honestly that I would have used good judgment if blogging was around when i was 18-23. I probably would have written LOTS OF stupid shit and felt like a complete ass when i was called on it. I also would have chronicled the very intimate (though not interesting) thoughts and feelings of my non-existant love life. I probably would have posted poetry and would have written countless volumes about what I thought my ideal woman would be-- as though putting it out in the universe could possibly make it happen. Maybe I watched WEIRD SCIENCE too many times as a teen. Yeah, I'm glad there was no blogging back then, because I'm not sure if by 2007 I would have lived down all of the embarassment I would have created for myself.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on blogging. Discuss.

Back to work!

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  1. Ooo, you said what I've been thinking lately about blogging personal stuff. There's so much I want to say, but I worry it'll come back and bite me in the a**. So I don't.

    See, I couldn't even get myself to type the "ss" there, in case someday I want to work for some really straight-laced company and it might cost me the job.

    And yet, I have so many opinions that I'd love to put out there. I guess "why" is the real question.

    Why do people want their opinions heard? Especially when their opinions won't change anything (like that one student wouldn't suddenly give useful comments if you decided to blog that s/he is an idiot)?

    I dunno.

    Like your writing, though...glad I found your blog.