Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I came home and found that all of the work that I left was still there waiting for me. For some strange reason my books didn't color themselves while I was gone. Lazy friggin' pages! So I jumped right in to the coloring mix and am now eyebrows deep in yet another coloring marathon. Aint that exciting, folks?!!!

Let's see, besides work I took Paris' corn snake to school so that he could show it for show and tell. He really got a kick out of showing off his little albino slithery creature.

Not much else is going on... just another boring work filled day. I did manage to finish a movie I was watching on the plane. It was called SAVE THE TIGER starring Jack Lemmon. Steve netflixed it and lent it to me so I could finish watching it. I liked it a lot, especially the ending which didn't have any real climax-- using today's standard for what third act climaxes are supposed to be. The ending was understated pretty much like the whole movie was. I recommend checking it out if you want to see Jack Lemmon act his ass off in an Oscar winning performance. I totally want to write my own version of this film because the theme of disillusionment is still omnipresent in today's world. BTW... is "omnipresent" even a word? F@ck if I know. I'll leave it and let someone correct me and call me stupid.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. I'm caught up with Lost, Grey's Anatomy, and The Shield... so while I'm working tonight I'll be watching LITTLE CHILDREN by the whacky, sexual deviance and pedophilia obsessed Todd Field.

I'll be sure to give my 2 cent review in the next blog...


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