Saturday, May 26, 2007


In what is starting to seem like a trend, my brother and I are off on another family bereavment trip... only this time my mom will be sitting between us on the plane.

We leave on Friday to the great city of Spokane, Washington, and return on Monday morning. This trip will be a little different because I know my mother's side of the family a lot better. So we are talking familiar faces that it will be really nice to see (if not for the circumstances). But to keep a little of the uncomfortable element, there will be one and possibly two cousins going that I don't know. Oh, and I think one of them doesn't speak English... at least he didn't when I met him in Puerto Rico 8-10 years ago. I'll be sure to blog about the trip and all of the festivities that ensue. Wait, I'm not sure its proper decorum to call them festivities. You can fill in a more appropriate word, I'm moving on...

I wanted to mention the part about all this grandparental death that is most unsettling. My mother said that people don't really learn about mortality and death until a parent dies, and I am inclined to agree. That is not to downplay the importance of other loved ones and family members passing away, but I think when your parents die it really hits home. WHY? I think its because while your parents are alive it feels like you are safe. Parents are supposed to go first, right? So if they are still around chances are you're still gonna be around. Now its the same thing with grandparents... if they are still alive then your parents are safe. And now that all four of my grandparents have passed on... that means that my mom and dad are not longer safe. They are the now senior members of the family, which puts them on the front lines.

And you know what? I don't like it.

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