Monday, May 28, 2007


...and I'm working. What else is new. But to be honest, since when did Memorial cease to be about remembering those who have died serving our country and become the three day weekend that ushers in the Summer Party season? I'm not sure what drunken beach parties and barbecues have to do with honoring dead soldiers. Also, don't you think that there is a better way to honor our fallen military than by making it okay to start wearing white?!

Oh and here's some trivia for you... Memorial Day used top be called Decoration Day, and it began as a holiday to commemorate Civil War Union soldiers. I bet you didn't know that... I know I didn't until I looked it up on wikipedia. Just another reason that the internet is the greatest thing since the last thing that was really great.

Anyways, those are just a couple random thoughts in honor of the holiday.

On a completely different note, one of my scripts (called Lowlifes) that I entered into a Screenwriting Competition just passed the first stage... having made the almost impressive quarterfinals. If I make it to the next stage (the semifinals) then I will feel like I have accomplished something. Check out the link if you wanna make sure I'm not lying.

That's it for now... BACK TO WORK!

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