Tuesday, August 16, 2005


...that my Darkness issue rocks hard,


I'm still hoping to get some more reviews...

ALSO... if you want to read an interview with me about comics and the short film I am making (almost done)...


There... that should give all my adoring fan something to chew on. (Shout out to Mom!)



Read DARKNESS #21!

I wrote and colored it and the talented Francis Manapul drew the shit out of it.

There I said it. Yes its been out a month... but so what. Get yer hands on it and give it a read, anyway. It's a stand alone issue that u can understand with a minimum of beforehand Darkness knowledge. And if you have any still questions I will personally answer them for you. (brianbooch70@yahoo.com)

I can also safely say that is has AT LEAST $2.95 worth of entertainment value. Hell I personally think has over FIVE DOLLARS U.S. worth of entertainment value packed in the 22 pages.

That's $5.99 Canadian!!!!!

That's $546.65 yen!!!!!

Now that's bang for your buck.

Anyway, that's my shameless plug. Sorry to have troubled you...

mucho amor


Wednesday, August 10, 2005



This is me trying on my new blogging shoes.

I suppose this is my forum to talk about things that interest me... just in case there is anyone out there just clamoring to know what I think about stuff. Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint my fan base... so here goes!

I think that...

-beverages taste best cold.

-the Usual Suspects is an overrated movie.

-movies made in the 70's rock my ass hard.

-we should replace income tax with consumption tax

-I need to start working out again

-George W Bush looks like Lee Majors

-going all in pre flop with pocket two's is a mistake

-I can no longer relate to new pop music

-Peter Jackson is the new Steven Spielberg

-Lenny Kravitz has one of the all time best musician names

-Beyonce IS booty-licious!

-cucumbers taste better pickled (shout out to Dave Chapelle!)

-Stevie Wonder IS a musical genius (shout out to Eddie Murphy)

-blogging is like masturbation... fun for other people to look at but ultimately you do it for yourself.

-there is no pretense to masturbation, making it true form of expression

-the more you says "balls" (pronounced bah-AWL-Z) the funnier the word gets

-penis is still the funniest word in the english language

-someone should start a movement to revitalize the word "fot" as a valid alternative to "fart"

-an all female posse should be refered to as a "pussy"

-there is no such thing as vulgar language

-ape shall not kill ape

-there is no place for shanking in the schools

OOOOKAY then... that's my very first blog. Hopefully down the road I will actually have something worth saying.

kissy kissy! And.... WE'RE OUT!