Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Read DARKNESS #21!

I wrote and colored it and the talented Francis Manapul drew the shit out of it.

There I said it. Yes its been out a month... but so what. Get yer hands on it and give it a read, anyway. It's a stand alone issue that u can understand with a minimum of beforehand Darkness knowledge. And if you have any still questions I will personally answer them for you. (brianbooch70@yahoo.com)

I can also safely say that is has AT LEAST $2.95 worth of entertainment value. Hell I personally think has over FIVE DOLLARS U.S. worth of entertainment value packed in the 22 pages.

That's $5.99 Canadian!!!!!

That's $546.65 yen!!!!!

Now that's bang for your buck.

Anyway, that's my shameless plug. Sorry to have troubled you...

mucho amor


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