Wednesday, August 10, 2005



This is me trying on my new blogging shoes.

I suppose this is my forum to talk about things that interest me... just in case there is anyone out there just clamoring to know what I think about stuff. Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint my fan base... so here goes!

I think that...

-beverages taste best cold.

-the Usual Suspects is an overrated movie.

-movies made in the 70's rock my ass hard.

-we should replace income tax with consumption tax

-I need to start working out again

-George W Bush looks like Lee Majors

-going all in pre flop with pocket two's is a mistake

-I can no longer relate to new pop music

-Peter Jackson is the new Steven Spielberg

-Lenny Kravitz has one of the all time best musician names

-Beyonce IS booty-licious!

-cucumbers taste better pickled (shout out to Dave Chapelle!)

-Stevie Wonder IS a musical genius (shout out to Eddie Murphy)

-blogging is like masturbation... fun for other people to look at but ultimately you do it for yourself.

-there is no pretense to masturbation, making it true form of expression

-the more you says "balls" (pronounced bah-AWL-Z) the funnier the word gets

-penis is still the funniest word in the english language

-someone should start a movement to revitalize the word "fot" as a valid alternative to "fart"

-an all female posse should be refered to as a "pussy"

-there is no such thing as vulgar language

-ape shall not kill ape

-there is no place for shanking in the schools

OOOOKAY then... that's my very first blog. Hopefully down the road I will actually have something worth saying.

kissy kissy! And.... WE'RE OUT!

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