Sunday, April 22, 2007


Nothing much going on this weekend. Chaz and I took Paris to see Meet The Robinson's on Friday, and that was pretty much the highlight of the weekend. Lots of popcorn, candy and animated people hijinks.

Saturday I stayed at home and colored for most of the day and night. My internet was down for a large portion of the day and when I called customer service at ATT they REALLY annoyed the shit out of me. From the outset I informed them that the internet dropped off while I was using it... basically letting them know that it was on their end and not mine. But the oh so helpful customer support person decided not to believe me. So she had me go through a littany of tests which I knew would be fruitless... testing my modem... my router... my network set up... and in the end she seemed baffled. Even after I told her for the millionth time that it was on THEIR END... she refused to believe me. She claimed it was because my AIRPORT was active even though I use a wired network... I told her it has been active for the two years I have been using this computer and it has made NO DIFFERENCE in my ability to use the internet. She started to argue the point, then stopped mid-misguided sentence. She then asked me if I live in Los Angeles. After confirming this bit of seemingly mysterious (to her) information, she tells me that there is a message posted saying that THEIR SERVER went down three hours ago (which coincidentally was when my internet dropped-- a fact I told her at least three times). She then apologized and told me they planned to fix it by 8pm. I told her thanks for all of her wonderful help (is that sarcasm?) and I hung up. I got my internet back around 9pm and I can never ever get the twenty minutes back that I wasted on that idiotic tech support woman.

That's pretty much my weekend in a nutshell... with the exception of having to tell Paris that he was supposed to draw "PENCILS" and not "PICKLES" in his homework.

Maybe later on I will get around to posting the next chapter of Sex Offenders...

stay tuned.

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