Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 Down... one to go

I just finished my third book of this "4 books in two weeks" coloring trial of Boochakles (Greek spelling). Am I tired... yes. But I still have 9 pages of the 4th book before I can take a moment to breathe. Yet I fear not... because things should be wrapping up by Monday, and will hopefully give me some time to return to my writing. I haven't gotten anything accomplished in the screenwriting department in a couple weeks, and I'm looking forward to expending some create and mental energy on it.

I still have to finish the revisions to the spec pilot I am working on with Doug. I also start my TV writing class with David at UCLA extension next Tuesday. Then there is Grindhouse which I still want to see... inspite of the crappy reviews mis amigos have given it.

Oh... and I hope to start including chapters from a novela I started in 2001 and never finished. It's called SEX OFFENDERS, and I have about 120 pages written. I havent read it in years, so it will be interesting to try and get back into the creative mind space that created it.

But now it's late and I'm sleepy....


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