Monday, April 16, 2007



I finally completed my last of the back to back to back to back deadlines I've been laboring through the past 2 weeks. Of course I am sure that new pages will start coming in any minute... but at least right now I have a moment to breathe. Tommorrow I am starting my class, Wednesday I hope to go see Grindhouse with the Top Cow gang (which reminds me I should probably organize that), and Thursday I plan to have lunch with the mighty mighty Robert Napton. Then on Friday I want to take Paris to the movies. Oh, and I also need to find time to meet with my writing partner, Doug, so we can knock out the FF pilot revisions. So as you can see, my dance card is filling up.

Oh... and as far as future plans, I am going to NYC to visit my most bestest of friend, Shaun. That's going down in May. I can't wait to return to the city of my birth. Like any true New Yorker, I just want to be in the city and walk around. I also want heavy doses of pizza, Jamaican beef patties, Chinese food, and bagels. But mostly I am gonna hang with Shaun... and go see as many movies as we can fit in the trip. And I wanna see the Yankees, so I might try to get that off too.

Anyway, a little later I'll be posting Chapter 4 of Sex Offenders... maybe after I nap. No wait... I have to pick Paris up at school. Must not forget to pick up the child... must not forget...


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