Monday, June 04, 2007


Hey there,

I meant to blog earlier but...well I didn't so get off my back! It's not like I'm sitting home playing pocket pool all day. Although... that might be nice. I'm going to have to plan an all day pocket-pool-a-thon. Maybe if I ever catch up on my work...

Anyway, in regards to the fix being in...

On Friday I went to the gym and while in the lockerroom I overheard this man talking about how Super Bowl 3 was fixed! At first I thought it was just the ravings of one bored old man talking to another, but the more this guy talked about it the more it seemed possible. Of course I don't know if he was telling the truth, but consider the evidence that he offered:

1. The NFL-AFL merger agreement stipulated that if the AFL didn't win a Superbowl after 3 years then the contract would be null and void. Greenbay won the first two superbowls, so the AFL HAD to win the third.

2. The line for the superbowl went from the Jets being 21 point underdogs to 18 point underdogs the last day.

3. The Colts owner bet $3 million on the Jets (he called the owner Carroll which i looked up and it turns out thats the original Colts owner's first name- Carroll Robinson) . And afterwards during the post superbowl part at carroll's house, he was way too happy for having lost the superbowl.

4.He claimed to be on the team and he referred to himself in the third person (irrefutible evidence that he was a professional athlete)

5. Johnny Unitas didn't play in the game because he wasn't down with the fix. (this one has the least merit since Unitas got hurt in the beginning of the year and backup EARL MORALL started pretty much every game and the playoffs).

Okay, so that was his proof. Now after hearing this I had to know what this guy looked like. I was just praying he wasn't some four foot ten old guy. I turned the corner and was NOT disappointed. He was HUGE and looked familiar to me. Oh, and the name he referred to himself as... BUBBA. I immediately thought Bubba Smith, but then second guessed myself because I didn't think Bubba Smith played on the Colts. But I went home and did my internet validation. Sure enough Bubba Smith was on the Colts, and why did he look familiar? Because he played MOSES HIGHTOWER in the Police Academy film series (can I call them films?!).

So basically I listened to a former Superbowl player and movie policeman contend that Super Bowl 3 was fixed. And for those who don't remember, Superbowl 3 was the one where Joe Namath gauranteed victory. Also, the best part was that the old man he was talking to knew NOTHING about football and was having trouble following the story. When Bubba said that the owner bet 3 million against his team, the old guy asked if he won the bet. Makes me wonder why he chose to tell this story to that old chump. It also makes me think that this is not the first time he has declared this. Okay, so maybe I'm not breaking a new story here... it was still interesting to me!

Moving on.. the rest of my weekend was quiet and dominated by work and homework. I'm practically done with my Grey's Anatomy outline, and have started writing the actual script already. On Friday night I decided to have a Brian's night out, so I went alone to The Grove to do some writing at Barnes and Nobles before watching the 10:55 showing of KNOCKED UP. My thoughts on the movie... ABSOLUTELY friggin hilarious. Without giving any spoilers I will say that the situations and the jokes were dead on... embarassingly so. Judd Apatow (Undeclared and 40 Year Old Virgin) has an incredible knack for showing the messed up side of being a guy. All the dudes are weird, emotionally immature slackers who would rather be watching nude scenes in movies and farting on each other's pillows than making something out of themselves. He also contrasted them with a slightly older married father who was a miserable jerk who longed to be like the slackers (and was tired ofbeing under the thumb of his excitable wife). All of this stuff was REALLY funny. I recommend it to all!

That's all for now... back to work!


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