Wednesday, March 28, 2007

MA'KAI and other stuff...

I am back with my second consecutive daily post.. which is already a new record for me. I'm mostly doing this for the ONE PERSON who I am certain will read this-- shout out to Rob Levin! Anyways, my day was pretty uneventful. I worked on color stuff and rewrote a couple scenes of the spec pilot I am doing with Doug. I also managed to fit in a game of hide and seek with Paris.

In the evening I went to this bar/restaurant in Santa Monica with members of Top Cow (Chaz, Phil, Rob, Blond... and all of their associates). I chatted for a couple hours about things ranging from my screenwriting crap to whether or not it was a good idea to throw a drink on someone (who will remain nameless) who didn't deserve it. It was good seeing them folks, although I didn't talk very much to Rob or Chaz. I mostly talked to Church, Phil and Taysha's friend Monica.

Okay then... if you're not asleep yet, I will now reveal the mystery friend who is going to be taking the TV class with me...


I'm excited that he and I are gonna be hooking up for ten weeks, since we rarely see each other. I miss the days of wine and Wohlses. Hopefully this will help us get started on the much talked about (by us) writing collaboration we've been looking to do for the last couple years.

That's it for tonight... it's back to work for me, with season five of The Shield to keep me company. I've already seen it, but The Shield is like an old friend that I just don't get sick of.


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