Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It may be Wednesday night to you folk, but to me... it's the Wednesday night after I finished my mutherlovin' screenplay!

I am happy.

I am relieved.

I am at a loss for what to do with all of the new space in my brain piece...

And for those of you wondering... YES, there will be rewriting and reworking of the material which means NO, I'm not really finished with the damned script. But here's the thing... you only type "THE END" once and get the really awesome sense of accomplishment that comes along with that. It's a super freaking high. It's like a weight off my back. It's makes me wanna say, "Fuck yeah, this bitch is done!".

Now I'm in this euphoric post-writing stupor that'll last for a couple days. Then it'll wear-off and I will start compulsively going through the laundry list of half-written, half-baked story ideas that I have on my computer. I will then choose one of my partially developed concepts and I will promise to myself that THIS TIME I will finish the damned thing. I will mull the idea over. I will read and reread whatever materials I have previous collected or written. I will let the idea permeate my being. It will be with me in the shower, in the car, at the gym. And then when I am completely immersed in the process...

I will have to go back and rewrite the fucking script I just finished.

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